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About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog! As an avid beauty buff with an obsession with skin care, I thought what better way than to share some of my tips, tricks and reviews when it comes to this complex topic. I suffered with pretty terrible skin during my adolescence and continue to witness the current struggle of some of my friends and family. This led me to try an abundance of products and tools, not to mention the many times I have switched up my own skin care routine in the quest for that flawless finish.

I hope this blog helps you find some answers and if anything, gives some insights to what I have found works. I am all about that affordability factor too, because, well life. The research you will find on here will be some of my own, some product reviews and even a few experts I’ve asked to weigh in on the ongoing pursuit to clear skin.


So take your time meandering around and drop me a line if you have any specific topics in mind, I would love to hear from you!

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