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Face Mapping: What Your Breakouts Might Be Reflecting On The Inside..

Ok so post is a tad delayed but I wanted to get my research in check and provide you guys with reliable information on what this is and how you can apply it to your face to see what is really going on beneath your skin. I am a huge believer in good skin starting from the inside, meaning how you treat your body will reflect on your skin (ie. if you are tired, hungover, stressed or anxious, I think it will always have some sort of impact on the look, feel, tone and texture of your skin).

Also this is a helluva long blog post so gear up!

Face mapping is essentially a theory that connects the location of your breakouts with a corresponding organ and is based upon traditional Chinese medicine. I have broken down the areas of my face to show you what each area could potentially be telling you. I know I look like a connect the dot masterpiece but there is a purpose! Here is a lovely guide to break down the zones and some helpful tips that could be beneficial in taking care of your breakouts.

Zone: 1 & 2

Body Connection: Your Digestive System!

If you are breaking out on either side of your forehead, it maybe reflective of digestive issues. Eating too many heavily processed foods here could be the culprit.


-To reduce inflammation, try cutting dairy or grains out of your diet for a week.

-Drink more water!

-Make sure you are regularly changing your pillowcases

Zone: 3

Body Connection: Your Liver!

Slow down on the cocktails, beers and wine. Reducing your alcohol consumption is a must!


-Make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of sleep

-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

-Try detoxing teas to help cleanse your liver

Zone: 4 & 5

Body Connection: Your Kidneys!

I am not just talking about zits or blemishes here but dark circles also signal potential issues with your kidneys.


-Try drinking freshly squeezed juices or smoothies that incorporate a lot of fruits and green leafy veggies

-Make sure your cellphone screen stays clean to avoid transferring dirt and oil

Zone: 6

Body Connection: Your Heart!

Acne on your nose could be a sign of poor cardiovascular health. It is important to get your heart and cholesterol checked.


-You need to relax! Yoga, catching up on zzzz’s, taking some much needed you time

-Get your body moving! Go dancing, a spin class or a jog!

-Make sure you are washing the makeup off your nose well.

-Steam your face and use a floss pick to get the gunk out of your nose! Works great!

Zone: 7 & 8

Body Connection: Your Respiratory System!

The cheeks are an acne prone area that could show respiratory issues due to smoking or not getting enough fresh air for your skin.


-Avoid sugar

-Eat more alkaline foods such as; green leafy veggies, garlic, onions, peppers, avocados and kiwis

-I find using clay masks really help dry up cheek zits fast

-Super important not to pick at these ones as they tend to go deeper into skin and they are prone to scarring

Zone: 9 & 10

Body Connection: Your Hormones!

Breakouts here are an indication of hormonal changes in your body or a response to recent stressors.


-Get your zzzs!

-Change your pillowcase frequently

-I break out a lot here and usually just put my St.Ives clay mask over top these areas overnight and wash it off in the morning. It helps shrink my breakouts fast

-I also find that if I use a product that doesn’t go with my skin, this is the first area where I will break out.

Zone: 11

Body Connection: Your Stomach!

Your chin is linked to your small intestines and your stomach. Breakouts here could indicate a buildup of toxins.


-Avoid process foods to reduce toxins

-Drink plenty of herbal or peppermint teas

So there you have it, a pocket size guide to help point you in the right direction of what your breakouts mean and a way to potentially prevent them. However, my core takeaway points from learning and writing about this are:

1. You need to always be drinking water! Water = life and the livelihood of your skin!

2. Changing your pillowcase is always a good idea, the more frequent the better. Not only do our hair products have oils in them but combined with our sweat when we sleep should give you more of an incentive to change them frequently.

3. Clean your cellphone!! I look at my screen sometime and I am mildly horrified at what I am putting up to the side of my face.

4. If you keep breaking out in the same area of your face, try eliminating certain foods from your diet. I have friends that have given up meat, dairy and gluten to see tremendous results with their skin. It’s almost like their bodies were rejecting the foods in the form of breakouts on their face.

5. Eating lots of fruits and veggies, getting enough sleep and moving your body once in a while is always a good thing.

6. Giving your body a good detox every now and then will do you well.

7. I personally feel like drying out a zit is always the best option instead of picking at it to avoid scars

Happy healing! Until next time!



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