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  • Nelufer Beebeejaun

Gettin' Cheesed About Dairy

You know what’s seriously overrated and doesn’t get enough credit when you’re thirsty and want something cold to drink? MILK. Yeah I said it! White milk, chocolate milk, its so delicious. Unfortunately, as I get older and my tolerance for certain foods goes down, I am finding that consuming dairy isn’t as blissful as it once was. I absolutely adore cheese and can say I am (now) one of those overly confident lactose intolerant people who won’t acknowledge their limitations with this food group.

I bring this up is because I have recently had a couple of friends that have sworn that cutting out dairy has dramatically improved their acne when it comes to those big painful cystic zits we sometimes get. If you are dealing with some pesky pimples that just won’t seem to quit, and you’re considering changing your diet, read on!

What actually is in dairy that causes breakouts?

Well..unfortunately there isn’t a consensus among dermatologists as to what is in dairy that would contribute to acne, but here are some ideas;

1) Dairy cows are treated with artificial hormones that affect their milk supply. These hormones may throw yours out of whack when you consume milk products (which could trigger acne)

2) The growth hormones already in milk naturally worsen acne

3) Milk products, when combined with all the refined and processed foods and sugars in the Western diet make skin more prone to acne.

4) Some studies have found that skim milk specifically might be an acne contributor, due to the fact that skim milk increases a hormone that can ramp up oil production in your skin.

5) Our bodies natural chemistry reacts differently to dairy so the effect it has will differ person to person

Although right now there is just speculation about why dairy could be a contributing factor to acne, there have been 2 main benefits cited by multiple people when cutting out dairy from their diet. The first is that their cystic zits become less inflamed, less deep and easier to manage. They tend not to scar as deeply and even require less coverage with makeup as they shrink. The other is that your skin will begin to appear less dull and oily.

If you are thinking of giving up dairy as an option to clearer skin, here are a few things to remember below.

· Most dermatologists have recommended that you stop consuming dairy all together to really see the effects. If you stop gradually it might be easier on you but might take longer for your skin to realize the full effects.

· Keep a food journal for the next little while to track what you are eating, see if there are any triggers or connections between dairy (or any food) that you can see has a link to how/where/when your acne worsens.

· Remember cutting out dairy isn’t a quick fix, most dermatologist recommend trying this for a minimum of 3 months to see a noticeable difference, but changes can occur as soon as just 1-month in, maybe even quicker if you spot a link with your food journal.

· Cutting out dairy can also be a tad expensive, buying alternatives and asking for alternatives at restaurant will usually cost you more.

Happy healing!!


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