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  • Nelufer Beebeejaun

How to Reapply SPF Over Makeup

Ok, so in countless blog and Instagram posts, I have talked (in length) about the importance of protecting your skin in the sun. Actually not just when you are in the sun, even when you are at home, indoors, slather on that SPF. It is no joke that the sun contributes to more than 70% of skin damage. It is super important to start protecting your skin NOW, because the damage is quite hard to reverse the older you get.

Having an SPF in your moisturizer or in your makeup is simply not enough. SPF should always be its own step, and try to wear SPF 30 or higher. In the 3 weeks since the sun actually came out in Canada, I feel like I have gotten a lot darker already. The sun is a powerful force people! I am a sun baby at heart, always, but not properly caring for your skin can lead to disastrous results.

Ok, so you have read my PSA above, but much like your makeup, your sunscreen will fade throughout the day. Either due to the heat and sweat, that naturally cause it to come off, or by touching your face, using your phone etc, can cause the effectiveness of your sunscreen to decrease. So what are your options?

In my research, I have seen countless skin experts mention that reapplying sunscreen shouldn't be your only option. However, it is better than doing nothing and you are at least providing continual protection against the sun. If you go swimming or get wet, it makes more sense to simply reapply your SPF (under your makeup again) but if you are looking for a touch up during the day, these are some of the best options to pick from:

A sunscreen mist / sunscreen setting spray A sunscreen mist is probably your best bet if you are on the go a lot and like to refresh your makeup during the day. Much like a setting spray, an SPF mist will deliver a fine distribution of the sunscreen over your face and then it will dry.

I recommend:

1) SUPERGOOP! Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Not only does Supergoop usually make a really bomb sunscreen on their own, this one has the convenience of a mist for $28 at Sephora. I would be weary of this, however if you have sensitive skin, because there are some questionable ingredients in this..

Mineral powders

A mineral powder is a super fine powder that you can easily dust on your face. A high-performing mineral SPF powders offer additional sun protection, absorb excess oil, and even out your complexion without feeling heavy. Mineral Powder sunscreens are beneficial to those who wear makeup in the summer but don’t want the greasy feeling of a lotion. Again, this shouldn’t be your only source of SPF

I recommend

1) PETER THOMAS ROTH Instant Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen, $30 at Sephora. Also important, if you have dry skin, this might not be the best option for you. If you have drier skin, I would recommend either a spray or the option below.

Pressed Powders

Powders in compact form are my faves. They are super convenient and you would mimic basically how you touch up your face with powder during the day. Helpful for oilier skin types. I recommend:




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