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  • Nelufer Beebeejaun

My Routine: Day

Now that I have divulged my night time secrets, it only makes sense to give you my go to routine for during the day. Since we tend to sweat and occasionally drool in our sleep (it happens whether you want to believe me or not), it’s important to properly cleanse your face again in the morning. During the night, your skin is busy absorbing all the nutrients, serums and creams you put on them before bed.

When you sleep your skin is renewing itself. During the cell renewal process on your face, new cells are pushed to the surface while old ones will shed. That is why it is super duper important to exfoliate well.

Anyway, washing your face in the morning is an important step before applying makeup. You want to make sure you have a clean, flake free canvas. Once or twice during the week I’ll take a break from my Murad cleanser and exfoliate with a personal fave of mine, St.Ives Apricot scrub. This scrub is very grainy and smells fantastic, and helps slough off any dead skin.

I finish with my Philosophy Breathe Cream and then prep my skin with Cover FX's Mattifying primer. The texture of this primer is like liquid satin and it does one hell of a job keeping my face shine free. I then use Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation and then Makeup Forever’s pressed powder. I find with these products it gives me a smooth matte finish and my makeup doesn’t look cakey or give me that white caste look.

I have found that a finishing spray does wonders as well to keep shine at bay and to keep your makeup from moving around too much during the day. Two that I really enjoy are the Makeup Forever Fix It spray as well as Mac’s finishing spray. Both work wonders to lock in your look all day, plus if you get sweaty or need a touch up before afternoon/evening activities, it’s great at refreshing your makeup!


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