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  • Nelufer Beebeejaun

My Skin Profile

Before going into blog posts about tips and tricks, I think its important that I tell you guys all about the adventure I've had with my own skin and what I'm working with.

My favourite time of day has always been when I can wind down and can wash away the day from my face. I will get into my night time routine in another post, but first wanted to be upfront with everyone about my skin profile. As you can probably surmise from the pictures on here, I have a tanner complexion (NC43 in Mac if you want to shade match). Both my parents are from Mauritius, a tiny, beautiful, little nugget of an island located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You can find more information about it here, put it on your travel list!!

Anywho, the climate there is quite tropical and hot, so I was very intrigued by my own mother’s skin care routine she used growing up there. My mom has hands down one of the best complexions and is very low maintenance when it comes to taking care of it. I on the other hand have struggled at length to be zit free, shine free, flakey skin free, you name it.

I am fortunate now that the bulk of my breakouts have stopped, but as I get older, I continue to deal with pore size, shine, the occasional creator zit and of course, wrinkles and dryness (depending on the weather and my stress level at the time, so basically all the time).

I know its only natural to go through those hormonal changes and break out when you’re growing up, but man, did it suck! I actually used Proactive for many years because it was the only thing that worked, and there was no way I was going to change up my routine and risk using a product that didn’t work. But I got over that fear. Although I know the skin on your face can be sensitive, it’s a lot more resilient then you think. Patch test everything and try to give a product some time to see if it works, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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