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  • Nelufer Beebeejaun

Rollin In The..Jade

Hey guys! So a couple of weeks back I posted an Insta story of my brand new Jade Roller and holy did I get a ton of questions on it. I wanted to use it for a sufficient period of time to really tell you how I found the results. As a full proof method, I also purchased a Jade Roller for my mom, because she is a no bs kind of person, especially when it comes to the elixirs of skin care making false promises to its consumers. ANYWAY.

Let us start with the basics shall we? What is a Jade Roller? What is it for? Why is it so popular and used as a secret weapon by celebs and beauty influencers alike? Its basically like a mini paint roller that has the stone on either end of the stick. I picked mine up for $10 from an “As Seen On TV” store. I have to be honest, I could have bought this off of amazon but I don’t know if I really believed in paying shipping for this, but when I saw it at my local mall and that it was quite affordable, I figure, what do I have lose?

The way you are supposed to use the roller, is to quite literally roll it across your face, in the hallows of your cheeks and towards your temples pushing the skin up and out. The stone itself (I’ve seen jade, rose quarts and a couple of others) is supposed to draw out negative energy as well.

Here are the other benefits of jade rolling (I’ll tell you my honest opinion if it worked at the end)

1. It is supposed to combat dark eye circles and puffiness. Rolling the jade stone under your eyes in the morning is almost the equivalent to sticking a cold spoon there. Because the Jade stone is naturally cooling, rolling the stone can help make the underlying blood vessels smaller, decreasing the noticeable “bags”.

2. Rolling a Jade Roller over your face is supposed to mimic a lymphatic massage. Lymphatic fluid is generally to blame for our faces getting puffier at times. Lymphatic fluid is waste fluid that flows out of your lymph nodes and can collect around your eyes and your cheeks, resulting an overall puffier version of your pretty self. Rolling a Jade Roller can help drain this fluid. Some even use the jade roller to have a “natural contouring” effect.

3.Jade rolling also helps with circulation. This can help clear up acne, reduce signs of aging and give you a wonderful glow! The rolling also helps with product absorption!

Drum roll please…..

Guys..IT WORKS. I actually have to say how happy I am with the results of the roller! It does everything that I mentioned above. I keep my jade roller in the fridge between uses and use it in the morning after I wash my face (before my makeup) and before I go to bed at night. Let me tell you, to feel this cold stone all over my face in the morning and before bed is quite heavenly. Rolling the stone over my eyes, cheeks, forehead and contours of my face feel oh soooo good you have no idea.

One of the biggest things I noticed was the lymphatic drainage. I typically have pretty chubby cheeks, mildly offset by my dimples, but I also have jaw pain which usually means swelling and even chubbier cheeks to deal with. I noticed that after a good 1.5 weeks of using the jade roller day and night, I had major visible results.

On the other end, I asked my mom what she thought and she is a huge fan as well. She mentioned to me that it really helped with under eye puffiness that never seemed to go away and her face is less bloated.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this purchase and will definitely be keeping it as a staple in my skincare routine.


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