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The Life & Death of a BCZ

Hello skin lovers! Its been a minute and it seems like so much has changed already! I came back from my trip, started a new job and the sun has been shining consistently, what a time to be alive! After being so relaxed on my trip, I came back to Toronto with mother nature clearly having a time with us in Canada. It was literally raining ice when my plane landed here. Fun.

I’m going to be one of those annoying people and say that when I got back from my vacation, I almost needed another vacation. Things went into overdrive with one thing after the next and I found myself dealing with some major BIG CYSTIC ZITS (BCZs)!!

You know exactly what I am talking about people. The kind of zit that kind of sneaks up on you, or that you can feel coming just below the surface. They can be quite painful trying to surface (if they ever do). The main difference for me between these major ones and the occasional zit is that with the BCZs, I know I am in the for the long haul. It takes me about 2 weeks to let it fester and come to a point where I can..get rid of it..BCZs are red in colour and almost look like a blister for me. I mainly get them on my nose, just under my nose or on the area under my right eye (weird right)

These are the steps I have taken to successfully deal with them before, during, and after, including how I heal my skin so it doesn’t scar. This is a really important point which I know will be quite hard. YOU CAN’T PICK AT IT BEFORE THE MONSTER IS READY. Beating up one of these BCZs before its ready will result in deep scaring that will take forever to heal. Better to just suck it up and wait a little while to properly and gently take care of this.

Before: when you feel one coming or when it starts to surface

-The goal here is to make it less red and angry but make it surface at the same time

-Steam your face and give yourself a mini facial

-Do a clay/mud mask! Either the Sephora brand mud mask or the St.Ives one

-Tone your skin after the masks. I love Clinique's Step 2 Toner (I’ve used this since I was 13!!)

-Spot treatment for the next few days with the St.Ives mask

During: the BCZ has unpacked its bags and has prepared for its staycation on your face.

-Don’t panic, its most likely not as huge as you think

-Start drinking water like a camel. Not kidding

-Cut up an Aloe Vera leaf and wipe the mush on your face

-Spot treatment nightly

-I sometimes use a dab of toothpaste to speed this process up

Ok so its gotten to the point where its either not as red, there is a white tip showing (best scenario) and it’s a more major BCZ. I will usually tone the area, grab two Qtips and gently squeeze it, until it bursts. If the tip isn’t white, I’ll break a Qtip in 2 and will poke at the BCZ until it breaks open. Super graphic but this is the best way I have found works for me.


Its really important to be gentle with your skin after dealing with BCZ. Icing it will help calm it down. I usually won’t spot treat the site for a day or two, just to let it breathe. I also try to avoid piling on makeup on top of it for a few days just so it has the best chance at healing. Wiping the aloe vera over your face again nightly and doing a detoxifying mask will help lots to. I love the dead sea mask from Shoppers by their Life brand. Its seriously amazing!! (Also 3 for $5!)

I think the BCZs were a mix of the changeup in the climates I was in, mild anxiousness and stress from adjusting back in Canada and my hormones were very up and down plus some other life changes. I also wasn’t sleeping very well and my water intake dropped to an embarrassingly low level. I have also been on a mask bonanza, trying some new products I’ll be reviewing soon on the blog. I just hope this post inspires some confidence in dealing with these terrors and that your next run in with BCZ is more manageable then the last time!


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